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Moorings information

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Tradewind Navigation Ltd the operators of Calstock Boatyard, have worked with the Parish Council, the Calstock Parish Moorings Community Interest Company, the Environment Agency and the Queens Harbour Master (QHM) to bring the availability of moorings back to the village and the surrounding community.


We have all concluded that the best approach will be for the boatyard (in the guise of Tradewind Navigation Ltd) to manage the fundus. (The fundus being the area of river that is owned by the Environment agency and where the license to use moorings is granted by the owner)

Our philosophy is very straight forward - moorings should be made available at minimum cost for the benefit of the community. The gain for the yard (and the village as a whole) is in having the moorings populated, safe and the river accessible for all.


Please note the following:

1.The EA and QHM want the fundus operated by one entity.

2.The EA grants a license for an operator to use the fundus for moorings

3.QHM grants a license for one operator to lay the moorings.


If the above is held by a less community minded entity, they become a profit driven commodity. At this moment in time both licenses are held by Tradewind Navigation Ltd trading as Calstock Boatyard - we will act as that community minded entity to ensure those wanting a mooring can have a mooring at the minimum cost.


How is this going to be achieved?


Calstock Boatyard only want a few moorings to manage visitors and deeper boats waiting to be hauled at the yard. And yes, there will also be some ‘commercial’ moorings available for a monthly fee for those that don’t want to own their own mooring.

Of the 53 available mooring locations, 19 will be commercial. Leaving 34 parish mooring places available.

We will sublet the existing license to you as a parishioner if you wish to have one of the 34 moorings.


But what if you already own your mooring gear?


We know that much of the existing gear is owned by someone, or it has been abandoned by a dissolved company. Please contact us directly if you know and have provenance to confirm that you own the gear. If you do own the gear you will have three options:

1. Place it on our board for sale, and in the meantime pay a small amount to cover the EA ground rent on the location. This will be £12 until 31st March       next year (2017), thereafter it will be £90/year until sold. No boat to be kept on the mooring.

2.Confirm that you want to keep the gear, and pay the full ground rent on the location (£90 until 31st March 2017), and enter into a service agreement with us to cover basic maintenance requirements. These are transparent and at cost. You can then keep a boat on the mooring.

3.Remove the mooring gear from the river.

The above are EA charges passed on directly. The boat yard have taken on these charges in the meantime. The Harbour Master has requested unclaimed moorings to be removed, and we will be obligated to do so. Please remember you must produce proof of title for any mooring gear you own.


What if you want a mooring, but don’t currently own any mooring gear?


We have mooring gear available for purchase from current owners. You will buy the gear, and we will maintain it subject to a small fee to cover an annual lift of the tackle, inspection, and ground rent to the Environment Agency.  As the entity with the license to lay the moorings in this fundus, we have a strict policy in our planned maintenance system on what is, and what is not acceptable for mooring gear. You will be expected to pay for upgrade to equipment once the standard falls below that required for a safe mooring.  If you no longer require the mooring you can place the gear on our ‘for sale’ board.

Our full terms and conditions are available at the boatyard. The sites for the moorings are also available at the yard.

We believe this is the most cost effective way of getting the moorings back into the community, in a way that is acceptable to all parties. We are also currently running this at a loss to make it work, so please get involved, be community spirited and help us keep the river alive....

Contact us if you have any query on moorings